Wall Vinyl Installation Guide

How it Works

Choose your favourite image from our shop scapes or email us an image of your choice.

Choose from 3 sizes Landscape or Portrait or email us your preferred size.

Place your order and we will print your image, pack it in a tube and freight it to your door.

Once received, peel the backing off the panel as per our installation guide and stick your Dreamscape on to your wall.

Dreamscapes products are removable* and you can easily peel off and apply elsewhere during that period.

Step by step install guide

Below is our guide on how to best install your Dreamscapes Wall Vinyl.
When we refer to panels, this will apply when you have purchased a 2-panel product.
The same principals will apply to all products.

Take your time to read through this carefully before commencing your super easy installation.

Surface Preparation

Start from the left when applying the wallpaper vinyl.

Wall graphics can only successfully be applied to smooth non-porous surfaces.

Ensure walls are painted with a good quality Acrylic PVA Paint, as the goal is to create a good bond between the wall and your poster.

Always allow at least 2 days for the final coat of paint to dry before applying your poster.

Applying graphics before the paint has properly cured can result in lifting, bubbles and premature graphic failure.

Any of the following conditions can cause poor adhesion or delamination:

  • High textured paint
  • Poor paint bond to the wall
  • Poorly painted edges
  • Patched areas which have not been primed and painted
  • Damp on the wall surface or in the wall 
  • Dust, dirt or other contaminants on the wall 
  • Porous or rough walls
  • Cuts made to the poster during the installation process that penetrate both vinyl and the wall substrate

Hot Tip:
This should be an enjoyable process.

Start from left

Start from the left with vinyl panel indicated number “1” on the reverse, and then sequentially as per your labelled wallpaper vinyl panels.

Hot Tip:
Take your time. It is important Panel 1 is positioned correctly as this sets the bases for your wall. Ensure its level at the top! If adjoining another wall or doorway you may need to slightly overhang panel 1 on the left side and trim later if the walls/door is not perfectly square.

Prepare to stick

Lay the graphics face down on a flat surface and pull back the liner about 5cm from the top. Sharply crease the liner while holding it away from the tacky back side of the vinyl graphic.

Position the poster on the wall and use finger pressure to tack the graphic in place.

Using a cloth, gently work from the centre to the edge, then return to the centre and work to the opposite edge.

Hot Tip:
Do not remove the entire backing sheet. Crease the peel back with pressure so it sits flat. Avoid direct hand contact with the adhesive.

Panel 1

Line up the top edge with your ceiling or cornice. Smooth it onto the wall with your hands. Ensure it is square.

Removing the backing sheet

Slowly and evenly peel back the backing sheet. Continue to smooth on with your hands. Work your way down and outwards to remove any bubbles.

Hot Tip:
Use your hands so you can feel any imperfections.

Simply let wallpaper fall naturally into place. Do not try and stretch into place. If the alignment is out, simply reposition panel.

Wrinkles and bubbles

If you find bubbles or creases, or if you wish to reposition your removable poster, gently pull back the vinyl and reapply following the same application procedure.

Additional panels

All additional panels are to be applied as per panel 1. REMEMBER, all vertical drop on additional panels have a 5mm to 10mm overlap. Simply align image at the top. If your roofline is square you will find this a very simple process.

Hot Tip
If you are installing a detailed image or pattern. Align the panel at the top the best you can and smooth onto the wall about 25cm from the top. Then pull/peel back the backing sheet to the middle of the panel and align the image with the adjoining panel from the centre.

Once the centre is aligned return to the middle and continue pulling back as described above.


When all panels have adhered, use a sharp knife to remove any excess print. You should have approx 25mm at the base and on the end panel.

Hot Tip
Sit back, relax and happy dreaming

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